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  Medical Intuitive Jan Meryl

 Medical Intuitive Healer
 and Psychic Consultant
 Jan Meryl


Try an alternative health solution.

     Find the root cause of pain and illness with an energy field scan by Medical Intuitive author, Jan Meryl. Schedule a Guided Healing Session to release your blocked energy. After 25 years, 1000's of clients, radio and television appearances, guided meditations, and workshops, Jan still loves helping people find health, peace, clarity and joy. Read many testimonials. This is your time to heal and thrive. Email Jan to schedule your  Scan and healing session now.

Medical Intuitive Energy Field Scans,
Guided Healing, and Channeled Q & A
Telephone Sessions Include:

Get Well, Get Happy. Feel Your Best! Learn what you can do to help your body & soul to  heal permanently using Alternative Health and Energy Medicine.

Improve the quality of your health and your life with Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine:

Learn the underlying  energy field  reasons why your body is creating  chronic pain diseases such as cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease, IBS, arthritis, back pains, gum disease, heart disease, headaches, carpel tunnel syndrome, depression, the need for surgery, etc.

Channeled Telephone Intuitive Readings will shed  light on the highest potential for your life: holistic health, relationships, career, business and prosperity,  Specific  suggestions for deep healing and negative energy release are  included.  Sessions are structured to guide you toward maximum health, happiness and prosperity. This is the best form of life-coaching.

This site contains the following three additional pages on the  Medical Intuitive process and healing:

1. An article by Jan that describes Medical Intuitive healing and the Energy Field  Scan Process.

2. An article on How to Heal

3. Medical Intuitive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 Medical Intuition Energy Field Readings



I would like to thank Jan for bringing me to a place of healing and wholeness.  I had been in pain with bladder issues for at least six years and on many medications along with numerous up all hope of having a normal life.  I received a session with Jan as a gift from a loved one and I was happy to give it a try.  I must say that now I'm fully healed and without pain.  I'm  so grateful for Jan her professional gentle way and love brought me back to a place I once forgot.


Jan helped me through the process of my miscarriages and helped me with cutting cords to my sister. (Jan, we now have two beautiful baby boys ages: 3.5 & 1.5 and seven years later, my sister and I are now connected again.) Thanks for all of your intuition and guidance along the way.




I am so grateful to have found Jan on an Internet search looking for a medical intuitive.  My two girls, ages 7 and 3, had a burning, itchy rash all over their bodies that no doctors could diagnose. They thought it could be scabies, eczema, psoriasis,, flies, etc.  We spent so much money on doctor bills, medications and creams, just to figure out none of it was going away.  This lasted almost two years.  The girls couldn't sleep and they would itch themselves raw.  I called Jan and she explained what was going on, gave us the tools to help them and within two days their rashes cleared up.  Their skin has been fine now for almost a year.  I should have just called Jan first.

MORE Testimonials

NW- Maine 



Change the Planet: CHOOSE PEACE
Change You Life: CHOOSE JOY

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"Cutting Cords" guided meditation
by Medical Intuitive Jan Meryl is available for download.

Click here to purchase Guided Meditations

Videos with Jan Meryl


See More  VIDEOS with Jan

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Medical Intuitive Holistic
    Energy Field Scan

Battling illness and disease with medicine and surgery isn't enough.

Jan's unique expert medical intuition skill reveals the blocks to your health and happiness that reside in your energy field. These blocks precede and underlie illness. Pain and illness are the body's way of signaling the existence of these blocks. Knowing where and what they are can empower you to make the changes that result in their permanent elimination and healing.

The combination of an Energy Field Health Scan and Intuitive Channeling will produce enlightening guidance to  alternative, holistic solutions that will permanently clear energy that is stuck. When unrestricted, the energy (life force) can resume its free flow and return to its natural work, the promotion of healing and the creation of health and happiness in your life. Clearing an energy restriction will  reduce fatigue and allow you to magnetize more positive people, events, and abundance into your life. It is recommended that a health scan be done once every year to become aware of the new accumulation of negative energy that sits on the energy field and blocks the flow.

For a detailed description of the holistic medical intuitive process go to the article "Holistic Health Scans" and then read the FAQ page.

  Channeled Messages From
       Angels & Spirit Guides

You are never alone...
You only think that you are.

Jan's Intuitive skills will allow you to hear what your non-physical companion guides have to say to you in an effort to shed some light on your life, career, business, finances, relationships, health, and karma.

Consider this an important step along the way to learning how to manifest health, happiness, prosperity and self empowerment.

In addition to using her channeling skills to do holistic health energy field scans, Jan also does straight channeling readings (Q&A) for those who wish to check in with their angels and guides regularly.

Guided Healing Sessions

Jan Meryl is now available to apply her skills to facilitate your healing process. Healing telephone Sessions will include guided cord cutting, clearing energy field blocks,  fragment healing, cleaning up your field and more.

Healing Sessions,

SEE- How To Heal The Hidden Causes of Illness and Disease: Four steps to a happier, healthier you

SEE - Guided Healing Meditations

 Personal Guided Meditations

A journey of discovery. Are you feeling depressed, stressed out, having a challenging time, feeling unsupported and defeated? Jan is now available for Personal Guided Meditations for spiritual growth and/or healing. Experience an internal journey into the light.  Feel the freedom and the love that is always being broadcasted to you. Connect with your own Spirit Guides and Higher Self.  This meditation does to the spirit what a massage does to the body. 60 minutes required. See Healing Sessions

Spirit Communication - Psychic Medium

Connect with dearly departed friends and family on the other side as Jan uses her skills as a psychic medium.

  Ask Any Question

Understanding leads to empowerment.

Ask any question that you would ask your Angels if they were standing right in front of you.....They are. Ask about relationships, career, business, children, friends, family, and pets.

  Spiritual Growth

Jan will suggest methods to increase your own spiritual awareness and growth based on the information that she receives from your spirit guides during the reading. She will reference books, tapes, and videos that promote a better understanding of your particular situation.

Jan will also assist you in beginning the process of connecting with your own spirit guides and angels. If you yearn for personal empowerment and a richer life, you can begin and enhance your self help right here. Jan's spiritual and alternative health coaching will point you in the right direction.

  Business Coaching

Jan is sometimes asked  to assist her clients in business problem solving,  and in  making  wise business choices.  For example, she is often asked to help determine the energy patterns of potential employees to determine their characteristics and harmony with others in their immediate environment.

The spirit world has a broader vision,  and Jan's clients often find the higher, unlimited  point of view helpful in determining the highest  potential direction and creative insight for their business.

  Animal Communication

Jan takes great joy in using her animal communication skills, so please ask about your beloved animal companions.

FREE Guided Meditation and
    Angel Healing Circle Teleconference

Enhance your  readings by joining a one hour teleconference that includes transformational energy healings, meditations, channeled messages, spirit communication, discussions  and Q & A. Email announcements will inform you of the dates and times. Send Jan your email address to receive notification
For  Details click here: FREE Meditation Teleconference


Telephone Session Fees
 Fees are paid for by VISA or MasterCard.

FREE  CD or Upload of your session with any Intuitive session  30 minutes or more.

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Discount Package Prices
 If you are amongst those desiring multiple telephone healing sessions in a short period of time or regular Q&A intuitive coaching monthly sessions, (there are many clients doing this right now)  consider Multi-Session  Discount Package.

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Current Sale Fees

60 Minute Session.. $249
30 Minute Session...$129  
Additional Minutes...$5 per minute

Regular Fees  

60 Minute Session.........$299
30 Minute Session.........$149
Additional Minutes........ $5 per minute

A Free electronic recording of the session will be emailed to you..

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Call Jan at (941) 926-0880

Telephone Healing Session
Click for details

If you live in the continental US or in Canada, Jan will be happy to call you for the scheduled session so that you will not have to absorb the telephone long distance charges. Please let Jan know your preference.

Jan does not return international telephone calls (except to Canada). However, she does do international sessions via telephone. You may schedule international telephone sessions via email at

If you would like to be notified of Jan's teleconferences, workshops, new self-healing products and appearances, in addition to receiving email discount coupons towards the private sessions, please send your email address to Jan at the above address.

About Jan Meryl

Jan Meryl is an expert in the field of medical intuition and mind, body, spirit healing. She is the author of the book, Energy 101: The Key To Understanding Holistic Health, an accomplished past life hypnotist and a radio show host and producer. She has been featured on many radio and television shows.

With 20 years of experience as a Medical Intuitive healer, serving an international clientele, Jan channels angels and spirit guides while doing energy field diagnostic scans and guided energy field healing sessions.  Her work involves reading the subtle layers of the human energy field and conveying to her clients an understanding of how and why energy field blocks lead to illness and disease, whereas proper energy management leads to happiness and a state of wellness. Jan also does guided healing sessions to assist her clients to release their long held energy field blocks allowing them to have a healthy and a happy life. Hundreds of testimonials from her clients are evidence her remarkably successful healing methods.

Jan Meryl is the narrator and producer of the original healing guided meditation, Cutting Cords, which has sold thousands of copies. Her new guided meditation Heal Your Fragments has just been released for digital download.

She has an M.F.A. Degree (Phi Kappa Phi) from Florida State University and has exhibited her paintings throughout the state of Florida. Jan has also taught painting and design classes at the Ringling School of Art and Design and Florida State University.

Copyright 2002-2016 Jan Meryl

Jan Meryl All Rights Reserved. No part of these publications may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Jan Meryl


Jan Meryl is not a medical doctor and claims no formal training in psychology or medicine. All her training has been gained through meditation, contact with spirit guides and many years of learning from the information revealed in her medical intuition readings. Through these modalities she has helped thousands of people to grow and understand who they really are and how they create their own personal reality. Intuitive readings will offer information about the energy that you carry. If you are seeking a  medical diagnosis or treatment, you should see a doctor.

The services provided by Jan Meryl include intuitive perception only. It is the individual responsibility of any and all participants to use your free will to determine the choices that you make in your life that are right for you. Jan Meryl does not accept any assumed or implied responsibility whatsoever for your choices or actions made subsequent to her readings and use of her self-healing products.  Any referral to another person, product or company is done without endorsement.

Copyright 2008-2016 Jan Meryl. All rights reserved.    

No part of these publications may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Jan Meryl

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